Climate Reality

Trail, BC ......... TW Watson

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Youtube Videos:

July 6, 2022 Episode of Tucker Carlson on Fox News-The World is Still Powered by Fossil Fuels.

CO2 is Good - Thorpe Watson
11.5-minute video

Demystifying the Atmospheric Greenhouse Effect: Toward a New Physical Paradigm in Climate Science
78-minute video
Dr. Ned Nikolov, Physical Scientist USDA Forest Service

The Truth about CO2 - Patrick Moore
4.5-minute video

What They Haven't Told You about Climate Change - Patrick Moore
5-minute video

Carbon Dioxide in Perspective
The Rice Video by the Galileo Movement - Malcolm Roberts
4-minute video

The Hydrocarbon Man
Occidental Petroleum: New Energy Solutions
1-minute video

When it comes to science, whether it is climate change or the Wuhan Chinese Flu, the left are quite willing to lie especially if there is a good reason to do so (there always is).

The following clip was removed by YouTube from Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News, April 1, 2022 (no fooling).

"The most potent vaccination is getting infected yourself." Anthony Fauci, 2004 (He now does the Fauci Flu Step)