Climate Reality

Big Government

by WT Watson

I am Warren Watson, and I am the webmaster. I maintain the site for my father. My father worked his entire career for Cominco, a lead-zinc smelter, now called Teck. This company provides the livelihood for many people. Workers can own their own home, and some even have a place at the lake. In addition, the skiing at Red Mountain is top notch. Not only does Teck provide a high percentage of the city's collected taxes, it also supports many civic activities through donations. With the current regulations, an operation like Teck could never get started.

Climate change is a tool of big government to curb corporations. The more regulations there are, the bigger the government and the number of people to look after those regulations. This is a tax on the wealth driven by investment and companies.

Society does well, not when a person works for the general good, but when he is working for himself. A society cannot survive on government alone without wealth creating activities. It seems real odd that (selfish) people, in favour of regulations, have their livelihood and forgot about those who lose their livelihood from excessive regulations. I think it is important to protect the environment, but not at the expense of people's livelihood.

The government seems generous with our money, but the mean old companies are concerned about the bottom line. If a customer is not happy with the service of the company, they take their business elsewhere. This is hardly possible with government service. A company's president or CEO has worked himself or herself into that position, but a politician is elected on charisma and popularity, not capability.

"Government is not the solution to the problem, it is the problem." Ronald Reagan

Is climate change a tool to eliminate democracy? Just read this article.