Watson Art Gallery

BC is often cloudy in the winter.
Yes, but that's quite alright when the clouds are...

... below.

From the top of Granite Mtn

Clouds may leave,
... sometimes not closely followed,
... so the sun may shine...

... on a sentinel-guarded untracked cliff of Granite Mountain.

Well it was tracked... before the snowfall.

Cliff band on Main run, Granite Mtn

If one skies with an SLR, one may crash and land on it..

... but then again,

one may capture the interaction of sunlight and blowing powder like this...

Paradise, Granite Mtn

Or the powder in the trees like this ... Ledges of Paradise, Granite Mtn

All wishes may someday come true having seen a circular rainbow ...

A Circular Rainbow is as hard to capture as a pot of gold

The Pot of Gold is this stream full of freshwater Kokanee Salmon

Kokanee Salmon Ladder, Kokanee Creek Prov. Park

...or this Jewel of the Kootenays on the Majestic Columbia

Trail, BC

One will find that western beauty need not have a snow covered mountain...

Lakelse Lake, between Terrace and Kitimat

OUC KLO Pond Left an Impression

...Just Reflective Beauty

...Or Mystical Beauty of the Forest and the Totem

Pacific Rim National Park Totem Artist, Kitwancool Kalamalka, Look down I hear the lake is beautiful

...Or the snow sculpted tree

Snow sculpture at its best

but a mountain sure doesn't hurt the scenery ...

Mount Hosmer and the Ghost Rider, Fernie The Ghost Rider and Sancho Panza, Fernie, BC Three sisters, Fernie, BC

well almost always ...

The Hope Slide- Good Place to take the BC-uninitiated

Now, going back to the rule of mountain scenery ...

Osoyoos (pronounced Owe Sue Yes)

and here is a stop on the Dewdney Trail...

... Welcome to Trail, BC

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