Media Bias

Media Bias

Last Revised January 27th, 2018

The number one characteristic of the lamestream media is the ignoring of Trump's many accomplishments. It is absolutely unfair to misjudge Presidenrt Trump because of his tweets. He has no choice. Except for the bombing of Syria, the media has not said one thing Trump has done right. They gossip and fail to be a nonpolitical media because they are concerned about words not actions.

The number two characteristic is that the more they yell "Russia," the media is just ignoring Watergate II. Trump was spied on by the outgoing administration using the fake Trump Dossier to get FISA warrants. It is also a problem that the FBI and DOJ were exhonerating Hillary Clinton even before the investigation was completed or she was interviewed. The real Russia scandal is the sale of part of US Uranium to Russia with bribes given to the Clintons.
Fox News.

"The one thing Jeff Flake (calling Trump Stalin for the Fake News Awards) and the media get wrong is that the number one threat if there is a main threat to our democracy when it comes to the media is that the media has completely thrown away their credibility with the American people. There was this gallop poll out that showed more Americans have a negative view of the media than have a positive view of the media.

That is not good for our democracy. We need to have a robust credible media to hold power accountable and to inform the citizenry. We don't have that right now because the media doesn't see itself as the guardians of free speech the guardians of common Americans holding power accountable. They see themselves as protectors of the status quo."

John Daniel Davidson-The Federalist on Tucker Carlson Fox News January 17, 2018

Gingrich, in an interview with CBC's Wendy Mesley, called Trump "stuningly effective and the media idiots who trivialize the news, love gossip and hate substance because it is so hard to understand."

Mark Levin talks about Mr Trump's alleged use of the word shithole.

Art Galley-My kid can paint that!