Media Bias

Mark Levin Conservative Review TV

Sean Hannity calls him, rightfully so, the Great One.

Mark Levin

Episode #399, January 15th, 2018

Mark Levin said. "We have basically a very weak crop of politicians who are intentionally managing the decline of America. He then plays a speech by Dick Lamm.

ML: "Well the plan is in place that's obvious. That's what's taking place."

Mark Levin then read parts of the following two books:

ML:"These books state that every culture is not the same and every society is not the same or we would not have immigration."

The late Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson said, "The most disreptible member of the senate was Dick Durbin. Absolutely dishonorable. Never kept his word."

ML: "It was leaked to the Washington Post (that Trump used the word shithole) without attribution, but it was Dick Durbin."

ML:"(Republicans) Dave Perdue and Tom Cotton never heard Trump say shithole. He did not describe people as shitholes. (He described the countries.) Immigrants do not leave swell countries. They leave shitholes. Millions of people come to the US because it is not a shithole. To deny that is absurd."