Climate Reality


Professor Ian Plimer, author of one of the most comprehensive books on climate change, completely demolishes the global-warming/climate-change narrative in a 15-minute video. This video enables anyone to judge the validity of the climate-change, alarmist message simply by applying some common sense, critical thinking.

PROFESSOR IAN PLIMER: Climate change exposed by geologist straight to the UK government.

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Most important, Professor Plimer gives us the reason why we must denounce projects to capture and store carbon dioxide ("CO2") and projects conducted in an attempt to accelerate the natural sequestration of CO2. Recognizing CO2's role in greening the planet, it would be reasonable to conclude that such projects could conceivably give mankind the power to transform the planet into a desert.

Furthermore, the history of the planet's decreasing store of CO2 clearly reveals the absurdity of the belief that we can stabilize the planet's ever-changing climate by restricting our emissions of CO2.

Thorpe Watson, PhD

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