Climate Reality

The Escalation of the War on the Gas of Life

Trail Times
Friday January 10th, 2020

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The premature transition from hydrocarbon fuels (i.e. coal, oil, and natural gas; aka "fossil fuels") to renewables (e.g. wind turbines) is driven by the fraudulent claim that carbon dioxide ("CO2") is causing a "climate emergency." However, this transition, not CO2, is creating an emergency; that is, an economic emergency.

The purveyors of the "climate change emergency" are no longer content with just banning and restricting "carbon emissions" (aka CO2). They are now suggesting that "vast amounts of carbon [CO2] already in the atmosphere will have to be removed."

This alarming escalation of the war on CO2 is reported in The Canadian Press article entitled, "New industry develops around sucking carbon dioxide out of atmosphere." Trail Times, Dec. 29, 2019

Sucking CO2 out the atmosphere is not only an outrageous waste of effort and money, it is also a real threat to all life on Earth, both plant and animal life. It is the ultimate weapon of mass destruction. A planet with too little CO2 is a dead planet!

CO2 is as important as oxygen, water, and sunlight in sustaining life on the planet. The planet's primary store of bioavailable CO2 is the oceans from which about two per cent is allowed to "leak" into and circulate through our atmosphere.

The store of CO2 has been severely depleted by natural, ongoing processes to such an extent that the CO2 content of the atmosphere is now well below the optimum level for plant growth. Unfortunately, the consumption of all known reserves of hydrocarbon fuels will not restore the optimum level.

Let us hope that someone doesn't stumble on a process to materially accelerate/ augment the natural, ongoing sequestration of CO2. A 20 per cent reduction of our residual store of bioavailable CO2 will convert the planet into a desert devoid of all plant and animal life during the next glaciation cycle.

It is truly disturbing that the west is being led by a gullible and intellectually-challenged elite. Fortunately, countries such as Russia, China, and India, including the current USA administration are resisting the powerful and destructive forces of the CO2-induced, climate-change groupthink.

Checking the real estate market for oceanfront properties is a simple method of assessing the authenticity of the alleged climate emergency. If sea levels are rising as claimed by the climate alarmists, we should find a glut of these properties being offered at deeply, discounted prices. As yet, none found!

Also, the significant proliferation of coal-fired power plants in countries such as China and India should cast doubts on the veracity of statements made by the climate prophets of doom. Apparently, the sky is not falling in these countries!

Global cooling, rather than global warming, has always been the greatest climate threat to civilizations. It now appears that the lack of CO2 may be an even greater threat, especially if we continue "sucking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere." Such an activity should be deemed a "human rights violation."

Thorpe Watson, PhD

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