Climate Reality

Fossil Fuels Green the Planet

Dear fellow Canadians,

Regarding the letter from Dustin van Vugt (excerpts copied below):

Hopefully I am not being overly optimistic by suggesting that at least one Canadian party is starting to recognize the reality of Ontario's and Trudeau's "green" road to bankruptcy, which is driven by Gerald Butts' goal of a "carbon-free economy". Such a goal is based on a scientific fraud that wrongly vilifies carbon dioxide ("CO2"), the most important food on the planet.

CO2 is not a pollutant. It is a vital component of the carbon cycle, which sustains life by providing us with a green planet. The generation of CO2 from hydrocarbon fuels (aka "fossil fuels" - coal, oil, and gas) will not materially replenish our CO2-impoverished atmosphere. It will, however, materially extend the green period of the planet.

Furthermore, CO2 will not cause runaway warming. Even if one accepts the alarmist's worst case scenario of warming, it can be shown that the consumption of all known reserves of hydrocarbon fuels will result in an insignificant temperature increase of 0.6 degrees Celsius over more than a thousand years.

It is delusional to believe that we can stabilize the planet's ever-changing climate by restricting the world's CO2 emissions, especially Canada's 1.5% share.

The federal and provincial governments must denounce the alarmist's climate-change narrative and reject the unwarranted vilification of hydrocarbon fuels if we are to avoid a complete collapse of our economy.



Dr. Thorpe Watson
Retired Cominco scientist
190 Cambridge Rd
Trail, BC V1R 2J1

From: Dustin van Vugt
Sent: July 23, 2016 12:27 PM
To: Thorpe Watson
Subject: Limit the damage of Justin Trudeau

Dear Thorpe,

Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government will do to Canada what Liberal government after Liberal government has done to Ontario.

Thorpe, even if you're not from there, you know it's not a pretty picture.


There's been scathing report after scathing report about the waste, fraud, and mismanagement under the Liberals in Ontario. From over-paying on Hydro and electricity rates [a result of Ontario's "Green Energy Act" - Thorpe], to the billions in wasteful debt and the costly scandals, Ontario is more and more an economic basket case - and it's the taxpayers that are entirely on the hook for it all. The modest deficits that the Ontario Liberals first promised when they were elected have now ballooned into a massive structural debt problem limiting economic growth in Ontario and making it harder for families to get by - sound familiar?

Justin Trudeau was elected on the same promise. Now his deficit has reached $30 billion despite not being in office for a year yet. This is debt that you and your family have to pay back. It's your money.

We need to limit the damage of Justin Trudeau and the Liberals to a single term.



Dustin van Vugt

Executive Director
Conservative Party of Canada
1204-130 Albert St.
Ottawa, ON K1P 5G4

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