Climate Reality


I respectfully and urgently appeal to all politicians to stand for truth in the climate controversy and to denounce the propaganda that wrongly vilifies hydrocarbon fuels - coal, oil, and gas - and the product of combustion, carbon dioxide.

Driven by false climate alarmism, we are fast approaching an economic tipping point after which it will be impossible for economies to recover in a timely fashion to avoid disastrous consequences. Climate action plans will return much of the world's population back to poverty and famines.

It is frequently reported that climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Actually, climate change has always been one of mankind's greatest challenges with reoccurring cool periods causing mass starvations, mass migrations, and the collapse of civilizations. The intervening warm periods have been times of prosperity.

We are now passing the peak of the Modern Warm Period ("MWP") after experiencing a recovery of temperatures subsequent to the depths of the Little Ice Age; that is, the Maunder Minimum 1645 to 1715. The MWP is the coolest of the six warm periods since the last glaciation, ten thousand years ago. The previous warm periods are: Medieval, Roman, Minoan, Holocene B, and Holocene A.

With an impending cool period, it is extremely important that our politicians have the wisdom and courage of a Galileo to challenge the climate-change orthodoxy wrongly adopted by many governments. It is tragic that this orthodoxy has demonized the most important food on earth - carbon dioxide.

In support of this view, I recommend that everyone listens to Dr. Patrick Moore's message presented at the GWPF Annual Meeting in London, October 14, 2015.

Additional details are given on my web page and in the article copied below.

I hope that our governments will focus on the real climate threats; that is, lower temperatures, shorter growing seasons, and consequential crop failures. Without inexpensive hydrocarbon fuels, it will be impossible for many people to adapt to climate change.


Dr. Thorpe Watson
Retired Cominco scientist
190 Cambridge Rd
Trail, BC V1R 2J1


As stated by Dr. Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace, carbon dioxide ("CO2") is the most important food on Earth. Without it, the Earth would become a Martian-type planet, devoid of carbon life forms.

Contrary to media reports, CO2 is NOT a pollutant. It is an essential plant food and, because of natural sequestration, we now live in a CO2-impoverished atmosphere. Canada's contribution to the store of CO2 is insignificant (1.5%). Even the consumption of all of the planet's known reserves of hydrocarbon fuels (coal, oil, and gas) will not materially replenish our severely-depleted store of life-giving CO2 (an increase of less than 15%).

It must be emphasized that the current beneficial increase in atmospheric CO2 is almost completely attributable to ocean out-gassing and the Medieval Warm Period. The ice core data shows a time lag of about 800 years between temperature and the CO2 level. Temperature drives the CO2 level.

Climate alarmists tell us that a doubling of the atmosphere's CO2 content will increase the planet's temperature by 2o Celsius. This projection is based on the output of over a hundred fatally-flawed computer models, all of which have failed to predict the current 19-year pause in global warming.

Even if we wrongly accept this 2oC increase for a doubling of CO2, such alleged, human-induced warming can never exceed 15% of 2o or 0.3oC. The warming attributable to Canada's emissions would be 1.5% of 0.3oC or 0.0045oC over a 600-year period. This problematic warming would not be detectable on an annual or even a decadal basis.

Then why are politicians asking us to commit economic suicide by proposing anti-CO2, climate-change action plans that are based on a scientific fraud? Do they really believe we can stabilize the planet's ever-changing climate by restricting the generation of CO2? I suggest that climate/CO2 fear mongering is a strategy to gain public acceptance of higher taxes and socially-engineered agendas.

Regretfully, such plans will drive much of the world's population back to poverty and famines. If we wish to avoid an economic collapse, we must publicly denounce this outrageous and dangerous war on carbon dioxide, the world's most important food.


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