Climate Reality


Articles by Lawrence Solomon (Financial Post) and Tim Blair (The Daily Telegraph) provide evidence that the alarmist, climate-change narrative is slowly collapsing. (Excerpts are given below)

Solomon reports that it is “game over for global warming activists” because Obama’s anti-CO2 regulations have been put on hold by the Supreme Court. He also mentions that both Republican front-runners, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, consider alarmist claims to be outright shams.

Blair reports on a situation in Australia where climate scientists are being ‘hoisted on their own petards’. More than 300 CSIRO climate scientists have been declared redundant as a result of their claim that “the science is settled”. The reaction is hilarious as suddenly the science is now completely unknown.

Recipients of my articles (see link below) know it is absurd to believe that we can stabilize the planet’s ever-changing climate by restricting our emissions of carbon dioxide (“CO2”). However, if any person is still reluctant to believe that the claims of the climate-change alarmists are “outright shams”, please set aside 4 minutes to view this easy to understand video from Australia.

The Rice Video - Carbon Dioxide in perspective by The Galileo Movement and Malcolm Roberts

Roberts states that Australia’s share of the world’s man-made CO2 emissions is 1.5%, which is the same as Canada’s share.

Will Environment Canada declare its climate scientists redundant?




12 February 2016

Lawrence Solomon: It’s ‘game over’ for global warming activists


Environmentalists’ faint hope that they can get international action on climate change gets fainter by the day. .......... The White House boasted its plan would help reduce CO2 emissions by 32 per cent by 2030 and lead to 30 per cent more renewable energy generation in 2030.

The Supreme Court agreed to an immediate halt of Obama’s plan, sending it to a lower court and all but guaranteeing that, when Obama leaves office in 2017, the plan will remain in deep freeze.

And environmentalists must know that, if they can’t be persuasive in an El Nino year, what are their chances in subsequent years, during which La Nina typically brings unusually cold weather?

With both Republican front-runners, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, considering global warming claims to be outright shams, funding for the climate change industry will dry up. Cruz promises to defund the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the world’s premier global warming lobbyist, along with every other program promoting climate change alarmism. Trump likely would, too, given his belief that global warming policies hurt American business.

For those environmentalists still clinging to climate change beliefs, hope does not spring eternal.

Lawrence Solomon is executive director of Energy Probe, a Toronto-based environmental group.


Date: 11/02/16

Climate Science Is Settled, Except When It’s Not
Tim Blair, The Daily Telegraph


During the past decade, researchers at the CSIRO — along with global warming alarmists everywhere — have been telling us that the “science is settled” when it comes to climate change.

CSIRO chief Larry Marshall has recently been examining his organisation for areas where he might achieve some $110 million in budget cuts. Inevitably, his gaze fell upon the climate change crowd — the guys who, by their own admission, have already finished their jobs.

Reasonably enough, with that question answered, Marshall is now taking steps to throw most of the CSIRO’s climate researchers out on the street like common circus midgets. More than 300 climate scientists are set to be dismissed over the next couple of years.

Naturally, this caused an immediate reversal of opinion among Australia’s cashed-up climate change community. Suddenly the science wasn’t settled at all. In fact, the science was almost completely unknown!

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